Chai Tea Whiskey Sour Recipe

Chai Tea Whiskey Sour

You know that whole hipster “Put an egg on it” thing? I dig it.  I can’t think of* a single sandwich, burger, salad, noodle bowl, or pizza that isn’t greatly enhanced with the addition of an egg. Cocktails, too.  I love a great egg drink.  Fizzes, flips, sours, even eggnog.  I don’t mind making them,…

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Chocolate Chunk Graham Cracker Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Chunk Graham Cracker Cookies

Some weeks I amaze myself with a number of winning recipes.  Like, “Check me out.  I’m kicking baking’s ass this week!”  Other times, it’s just a whole lot of cussin’ and disappointment.  It’s just like that sometimes, you know? This week was plagued with cake disasters and pie fails.  After mounting frustration, I opted to…

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Brown Butter Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Brown Butter Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!!!! Whoa.  Best National (Whatever) Day Ever. Have you read articles like What Does The Coffee You Drink Say About Your Personality?  I’m an espresso drinker, so apparently I’m a high-strung efficiency machine.  Maybe that’s accurate… I do love coffee in all forms.  Cold-brew, espresso, free black coffee at the gym, weird…

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Spiced Pear Chocolate Pound Cake with Rum Praline Recipe

Spiced Pear Chocolate Pound Cake with Rum Praline

It’s officially Fall! Pumpkin Spice Mania is truly setting in with these (as well as countless other) pumpkin spice products now available: Pumpkin Spice Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Peeps Pumpkin Pie Vodka Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s Pumpkin Spice Moonshine (Corsair Distillery) Please allow me to break from All Things Pumpkin just for a minute. I wanted to…

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Apple Amaretto Coffeecake Cupcakes Recipe

Apple Amaretto Coffeecake Cupcakes

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”~ Someone “A cupcake a day keeps the assholes at bay.”~ Me Both of these sayings are rules I live by.  The apple thing is self-explanatory (fiber, vitamin C, and potassium — all good things). Now for the assholes… Everyone has a bad day now and then, but…

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Honey-Sriracha Roasted Nuts Recipe

Honey-Sriracha Roasted Nuts

Football season is happening again.  I secretly couldn’t care less.  The only aspect of football that I truly enjoy is consuming all the salty, cheesy, crunchy, and (hopefully) carb-loaded game time snacks.  Seriously.  I enjoy hanging with friends and relaxing while the game is on, but if there’s no food, count me OUT.  Not at…

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Nutella and Pumpkin S'mores Oatmeal Cream Pies Recipe

Nutella and Pumpkin S’mores Oatmeal Cream Pies

This spectacular cookie is a direct result of laziness. I set out to reshoot my Pumpkin & Pastis Oatmeal Cream Pies from last year, but after baking the cookies, I decided “nah”.  Just like that.  Nope.  I’m not doing it. Then I was left with these pumpkin oatmeal cookies taunting me… These are the ultimate…

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Boozy Peppermint Double Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Boozy Peppermint Double Chocolate Milkshake

I finally figured out where all the National (whatever) Day days originate.  They’ve caught me off guard and unprepared in the past.  I found myself stuck in a black hole of social media shares and food category-specific blog posts.  Now that I’ve found the The National Day Calendar, I can plan accordingly. A few upcoming “National…

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Peanut Butter Bacon Burger Recipe

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

The Peanut Butter Bacon Burger has been a staple in the French Quarter for years.  I’ve told my bar patrons about it, and the reaction is always “Whoa!  Where is this place?!” It’s Yo Mama’s  Bar and Grill.  It’s sort of across the street from the world famous Pat O’Brien’s (the place you go to…

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Spiked Pumpkin Spice Waffle Shot Latte Recipe

Spiked Pumpkin Spice Waffle Shot Latte

Let me explain this one… While attending the annual Tales of the Cocktail Festival in July, I made sure I visited the House of Angostura Tasting Room.  Angostura is mostly widely known for their Aromatic Bitters as well as some beautiful rum.  I was there, however, to check out their new amaro, Amaro di Angostura….

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