Tales of the Cocktail: Part 2 – Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Ice Cream

Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream

Here are a few quick notes from Tales:   -Ginger beer is one of my favorite cocktail/mocktail/dessert ingredients.  Copies of the May/June issue of Imbibe were available featuring a homemade ginger beer recipe that I will be trying out in the near future.  If you’re not feeling so DIY, the Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer tasting room was offering ice cream floats with their product.  It has a 4.8% ABV (bye, bye mocktails) and is widely available in the UK.

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Tales of the Cocktail: Part 1 – Angostura Bitters Glazed Popcorn

New Angostura Popcorn

This is the first year I’ve been able to fully experience Tales of the Cocktail.  I worked at the Carousel Bar the last two years, and due to the masses that Tales brings to an already high volume bar, the event, to me, was more about survival than education and enjoyment. We ran out of Green Chartreuse last year, and were it not for the back ups of Fernet Branca, there may have been a

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Banana Manhattan Cupcake

New Banana Cover

  For the record, the cocktail menu at Cane & Table (1113 Decatur St.) is downright sexy. While I generally need no reason to go there (other than damn fine drinks, food, and service), my intention for this particular visit was to research the Boss Colada* cocktail to develop a new dessert (second time “researching” it that week).  My attention turned quickly to the Banana Manhattan, however.  El Dorado Rum, Punt e Mes, and banana liqueur?  Yes,

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Fernet & Espresso Crinkle Cookies

New Fernet Cookies

One of the many hazards of the bartending profession is the seemingly inevitable (hopefully only occasional) hangover.  Many people have their tricks for recovery, and for myself and many fellow bartenders, recovery often includes Fernet Branca and a double shot of espresso.  Fernet Branca, an Italian amaro, qualifies as a “hair of the dog” cure and eases stomach issues, and the espresso gives the much needed catapult into productivity.  It’s a winning combination. Print Fernet

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Aviation Mini Bundt Cakes

New Aviation Bundt Cakes 2

Until a few years ago, I never ordered gin.  I think people often put themselves into the “I don’t like gin” category because they’re first introduction to the spirit was the gin and tonic.  What they really don’t like is crappy flat tonic from the soda gun (who does, really?).  Maybe an awesome bartender will someday convince them to give gin another shot.  Fortunately for me, someone gave me an Aviation when I was first

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Cream Cheese Brownies with Strawberries & Sweet Vermouth

New Cream Cheese Brownie

After Tales of the Cocktail ended last year, I found myself in possession of a substantial amount of Punt e Mes.  By substantial, I mean only three bottles, but nevertheless, I was beyond excited.  Those three bottles (as well as a few others) are long gone, but I’ve often found myself tinkering with the inclusion of sweet vermouth in my confections (case in point:  Manhattan ice cream).  And so became the Strawberry and Sweet Vermouth

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Hot Buttered Yum

hot buttered rum cookies 2

It’s 85 degrees outside right now.  While that’s mild by New Orleans standards, this is definitely not the season for hot buttered rum.  But screw it.  I baked these a few days ago, and everyone enjoyed the heck out of ‘em (“It tastes like Christmas in my mouth!”). So just whip up a batch (these are easy-peasy, I promise), and we can pretend summer isn’t coming this year.  No triple digit heat indexes.  No hair

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